VEV-IQ Software Platform Supports Public Charging

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Real-Time Charge Point Management

VEV provides the SaaS platform that operates one of the largest regional public charging networks in the UK.

Users now monitor their charging sessions in real time and enjoy streamlined billing and payments through the integration of Stripe payments processing with VEV-IQ.

With over 250 chargers across 20 sites, the platform enables EZ-Charge to offer a 99.4% uptime to the public charging their EVs.

Key Facts

SaaS Management

SaaS management system used for real-time charger monitoring and payments


250 chargers across 20 sites with uptime of 99.4%

Carbon Emission Savings

>500t CO2 saved through EZ-Charge’s network

About EZ-Charge

EZ-Charge was founded in 2020 and provides a range of charging solutions for public spaces.

EZ-Charge’s network of public chargers range from AC 22kW up to DC 400kW Ultra-rapid chargers.

They are leaders in the local authority EV charging sector and run Oxfordshire Park & Charge.

All chargers are equipped with contactless payments as standard.

EZ-Charge exclusively sources 100% renewable energy to power its charging infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the reduction of air pollution.

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