State of the Art Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Electrification

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High speed pantograph charging

Kent County Council carries 2.75 million passengers every year on its Fastrack Thameside BRT – a high-frequency Bus Rapid Transit network running on dedicated BRT lanes since 2006. Now with £9.5m ZEBRA 1 funding, Fastrack BRT is going electric.

KCC is using 6 powerful pantograph chargers at Fastrack BRT Thameside & Dover networks to provide opportunity charging at 3 locations.

At 450kW, it takes less than 6 minutes to top-up charge at each end of the route while passengers board.

Key Facts


15-year bus operator contract underpins the EV business case

Innovative Pantographs

Lighter bus battery, more passengers, top-up charging while passengers board

Charging Infrastructure

6 x 450kW pantographs providing continuous power for long bus operations

Carbon Savings

Predicted carbon emissions savings of 1,100 tonnes/year. 

About Kent County Council

Kent County Council is the country’s largest Council and serves 1.7m people.

The Kent County Council Area is covered by 12 local authority districts, from Ashford to Tunbridge Wells.

Kent County Council declared a climate emergency in May 2019, and pledged to be net zero from their own estate and activities by 2030.

Kent County Council invests in projects which address the national climate emergency by reducing emissions and supporting green economic recovery.

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