Exploration in Innovation: Investigating Electrification in China

Exploration in Innovation: Investigating Electrification in China

By Chris O’Sullivan – VP Engineering & Operations

With a growing focus on environmental sustainability today, VEV is committed to offering eco-friendly solutions to the fleet industry. 

Our recent journey to China marked a significant step in our mission as we worked towards establishing a large-scale EV bus depot in an African country. 

During this trip, we explored various cities in China, discovering the impressive advancements in electric vehicle technology and infrastructure. 

Over one week, we experienced the sheer size of China and witnessed its remarkable shift from traditional to electric vehicles.

Enormous Scale and High-Speed Trains 

China is massive, both in terms of area and population. As we travelled across the country, it became evident how vast China is. Its diverse landscapes, ranging from bustling cities to peaceful countryside, offer ample opportunities for sustainable transportation solutions. 

With over 1.4 billion people, China faces unique challenges and opportunities in adopting electric mobility.

A noteworthy aspect of the Chinese commitment to sustainable transportation is its extensive high-speed rail network. The country has invested heavily in creating one of the most efficient high-speed rail systems globally. This commitment reduces environmental impact and emphasises the dedication to providing convenient and eco-friendly travel options for its citizens.

Culture and Cuisine

Our journey was about more than just business; it was an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the friendly culture and impeccable hospitality. 

We had the privilege of experiencing local customs, enjoying delicious cuisine and engaging in cultural exchanges that deepened our appreciation for the place and people

Cutting-Edge Innovations

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers are leading the way in innovation, especially in EV buses and trucks. During our visit, we had the chance to explore state-of-the-art EV commercial vehicles designed for a sustainable future. These advanced offerings demonstrate their commitment to providing eco-friendly and efficient solutions for commercial transportation. 

The dedication to electrification also extends to its comprehensive EV charging infrastructure, which is competitively priced and includes software, technical support, and on-site resources, an attractive proposition for the EV industry.

These technical offerings are ready to deploy into most European markets at very competitive rates. 

Rapid Transition to Electric Vehicles

One of the most impressive aspects of our journey was witnessing a rapid to EVs. The automotive industry in China, once dominated by internal combustion engines, is now rapidly transitioning to electric mobility. This change is visible not only in the vehicles on the road but also in the significant investment in charging infrastructure and renewable energy sources.

This journey for VEV through China was transformative and has strengthened our commitment to delivering eco-friendly solutions to the fleet industry. As we return to the UK, we bring back valuable knowledge and a renewed sense of purpose. VEV is more determined than ever to shape that future, one electric vehicle at a time.

More to follow as we bring electrifying innovations to the heart of Africa, creating a more sustainable and eco-friendlier system for generations to come.

Source: EV-Volumes

Source: EV-Volumes / Marklines / National Stats

Author, Chris O’Sullivan, VP Engineering & Operations